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Living Life in Balance

My Approach

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  ​They must be felt with the heart. 

                                        --- Hellen Keller                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Naturally, there are many approaches and methods that may be useful in counseling or psychotherapy.   My favorite method is the one that works best for the client.  People are different so different approaches are important to utilize.  

I do have some that I find especially helpful:

Internal Family Systems (IFS): This model is based on the premise that all of us have "parts" of ourselves that tend to operate in our lives.  You've probably heard people say, "A part of me feels this way but another part feels another way."  When we react strongly, and later wonder why we did or said what we did, then we were probably reacting from an automatic response or "part."

​When we get to know our parts (the helpful ones and the seemingly not-so-helpful ones), we are better able to have more compassion for ourselves and then to lead our lives from a more wise and centered aspect of ourselves.  We are also able to interact with our loved ones from this centered place versus from a part. To learn more, go to  Currently, I am a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist via the Center for Self-Leadership which indicates that I have had extensive education, training and experience in using this model.

​Somatic Experiencing (SE):  SE is often used as a model for treating trauma.  Every life contains difficulties for which we are not prepared such as death; accidents at home, work or in a car; being dumped by someone we love; losing a job suddenly; or physical and emotional assault.  SE is a model that links the mind, body, spirit and emotions in the process of healing.  To learn more, go to

Enneagram: The Enneagram is a way of looking at personality styles.  According to this model, there are nine styles that operate from different needs, wants and tendencies. By understanding our own style and the style of others, we are less likely to take things so personally and more likely to have compassion for our ways of communicating and for our attempts at getting needs met. 

This is a valuable tool for couples because it provides a language for identifying our own issues and how they might be interfering with communications with our partner. By understanding the type of others, we gain understanding of people and why they might be doing what they are doing.  This often leads to a deeper sense of empathy for our loved ones and other fellow human beings. To learn more go to or 

​There are many other methods that I use such as Solution-FocusedTherapy, the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator, Heart-Centered  Approaches and others.