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Living a healthy, happy and balanced life is what all of us really want, isn't it?  Sometimes, however, the circumstances and stressors of daily life just get in our way or become too overwhelming for us to handle alone.   I provide counseling services in Asheville for individuals and couples who want assistance in achieving health and balance for their lives and their families. 

As a Registered Nurse and Licensed Professional Counselor,  I take a holistic approach to helping clients access their own natural abilities to grow and change.  Many of the approaches I use allow a deep listening to our thoughts, feelings and body in a new way.  Many of my clients report that our sessions help them move through issues much more quickly and effectively than traditional "talk therapies"  while honoring their need for compassion and safety.  These approaches include a blend of cognitive and mind/body therapies, physical/mental relaxation and awareness, inner parts work and a heart-centered focus. 

As we pay attention to our internal experiences and practice more self-acceptance, we naturally are able to let go of beliefs and behaviors that keep us from balance, contentment and from being the person we want to be.  When counseling is successful, clients feel they are able to face life’s challenges with more strength and confidence.   

See the "My Approach" section for more details about how I work with clients in psychotherapy.                


       Pamela Raymond, MA, RN, LPC


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